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Hello, I am spiritualcoach Marina – working in Den Haag – Nederland (The Hague in the Netherlands)

“The best thing you can give someone is pure attention”

Ever since I was a child, I had the ability to connect with the Spiritual World. I would like to share my gift with you and try to help you feel better or see things more positive. 

When you need answers about career, moving away, your company, crying baby, children, personal well being, relationships, love, fear, hsp, depression, sadness or loss of loved ones – I will guide you from the spiritual messages I receive.

Besides readings – I give Holistic massages and Healing or therapy sessions for emotional and physical problems. If you have problems with negative energie, in youre body, house or company –  I am able to get ridof the negative entities by spiritual cleaning your environment.

Are you interested for one of my activities? – do not hesitate push the contact button OR book an appointment on the website !


By Lotus